About Us

Z-waka empowers doctors in Southeast Asia by connecting them with each other and with learning resources.

Our Mission

We enable clinics in low resource settings to provide affordable quality healthcare. We do this by amplifying the capacity of doctors through productivity tools and a connected healthcare ecosystem of specialists and pharma companies.

Our Vision

To radically improve how healthcare is provided in low resource settings through enabling technology

Who We Are

Z-waka has its origins in Myanmar, a country that ranks 190th in the World Health Organization's ranking. Frontline clinics are operating under a high patient volume setting with only little resources available. Under these conditions, doctors are overwhelmed and cannot provide adequate healthcare services to their patients.

One of our founders is a medical doctor who experienced the shortcomings of Myanmar's healthcare system first-hand. It is our firm belief that empowering the many small and medium frontline clinics is the key to leapfrogging of healthcare in the developing world. Founding z-waka, we set out to help doctors in low resource settings reduce their burden, give more time to their patients and provide shared care through a medical community.

Born under the harshest conditions and battle-tested by hundreds of doctors, we are setting our sails for our journey to improve healthcare in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Be Part of an Exciting Journey

Are you interested to be part of Z-waka's exciting journey to revolutionize how healthcare is provided? Contact Us here.