z-waka offers an integrated suite of cutting edge technologies to empower clinics in low resource settings

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Create a holistic view of your patient by capturing medical records, lab results and patient-generated data in one place. Adding a medical record just takes seconds.


Create and manage e-prescriptions to reduce errors and improve safety.  Auto-complete medication once saved initially.

ICPC-3 encoding

Code problems and diagnoses in alignment with global healthcare standards. Our ICPC coding tool is optimized for clinics in low resource settings. Save own clinical terms as a template.


Easily add documents, images or audio files to your medical records.


Refer your patients easily to your colleagues, labs or hospitals and receive results directly under your patient’s encounter.

Download and Print

Download medical records as PDF on your device or print directly from the app.


Give patients access to their medical records by using the app's sharing functions even if the patient does not have the app installed.

Practice Management

Managing a practice doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money and energy. Our Practice Management Solution covers scheduling, billing, inventory management, reporting and much more. Keep track of your financial data and clinical statistics with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard allows you an easy and smooth navigation to get your job done without exhaustive training. Manage your clinical members by adding and/or removing from your clinic. Ensure the utmost patient and practice privacy by setting platform access according to roles (Access control).

Appointment Scheduling

Review clinicians’ availability, schedule appointments, and block off date and time as required. Send appointment reminder emails to patients. All appointments can be handled precisely; schedule, reschedule, cancel, or complete status of an appointment, alert, and wait listing.


Create and manage billing for patients, as the way that works best for your practice. We make the billing process easy by automated fee preparation and comfortable generation of statements.

Drug Inventory Management and Dispensing

Update and manage your stock inventory list. Control drug inventory by prescription linked inventory management. While the patient is in the examination room with the clinician, the front desk assistant can quickly pull up the prescription record to see the items to be dispensed and it can be directly converted into a sale invoice. This reduces error and waiting time of the patient.

Analytics and Reporting

Do you want to know how many females-over-50 diagnosed with diabetes during the past 3 months at your practice? Get insights about your practice’s clinical, operational and financial data from encounters, stock inventory management and billing details. You can have an Integrated view of all your practices and providers, at your fingertips for reviewing and analyzing different reports. 

Data Export

All your data are always accessible and exportable in CSV format.

Patient Portal

Easily stay in touch with patients. Empower your patients to take an active role in their healthcare by capturing their vital signs and have access to medical records and educational materials.

Personal Health Records

Patients can download the portal app and claim their accounts from the link shared by their doctors. They can have a holistic view of all their medical records on a timeline, and can share with other trusted doctors.

Tracking and Monitoring

Monitor your patients without having to come into contact with them. Patients can keep you updated by capturing their vital signs and measurements such as blood pressure and blood glucose level.

Health Education (Coming Soon)

Provide your patients with credible educational articles and videos. Inform patients of new services offered by your clinic or any important changes in operations.

Web Presence (Coming Soon)
A proper website is the digital equivalent of your clinic's storefront. With z-waka you can set up your web presence in seconds and display your clinic's information and list doctors and availabilities.

Involve your patients in their healthcare journey through the patient portal.


Securely communicate with your patients anywhere at any time. Offer your patients the convenience and the accessibility by avoiding unnecessary physical encounters. Saves time and keeps all patient records in one place, with seamless integration of telehealth to z-waka EHR and practice management.

Video Consultation

Convert unpaid follow up phone calls and text messages to telehealth visits. Choose between messaging, audio or video calls.


Schedule and conduct virtual consultations directly from your EHR. An easy-to-use telehealth tool allows you to create online appointments.

Invitations and Reminders

Send automated invitation emails and notifications to your patients without troublesome set-ups.

No Installation

Patients can engage in telehealth sessions by clicking on a link without need to install any app.


Keep track of your virtual encounter by accessing your audio and video recordings.

Pharma Engage

Check the latest information and price updates about pharmaceutical brands in your country. Get access to drug information and interaction details. Never run out of stock again by reaching out to the brands directly. (Coming Soon)

Drug Information

Read drug information and interaction details frequently updated by the brand's manufacturers and distributors.


Get in touch anytime with brand representatives and ask them questions or reorder your stocks.

Supply Chain

Interact with pharma companies and order your stock through z-waka.