Labs & Imaging Centers

Welcome to z-waka

Sending investigation results has never been easier!

How z-waka Works

Using z-waka does not create additional work and seamlessly integrates into your current workflow


Get Email Address

The patient will give you a unique email address to send the investigation results.



Conduct your investigations as usual.


Send Results

Once you have the results, send them per email to the given email address.


Pay Referral Fee

z-waka will regularly send you a list of all referrals and collect the fees. We will take care of distributing the fees to our doctors.

Providing healthcare services has never been easier

Send lab results per email to z-waka's email address and we will upload it to the patient's user account


Get more patients by paying referral fees

  • We charge a fee for each patient we refer to you
  • You will receive every week a listing of our referrals
  • We take responsibility of paying referral fees to our doctors.