A Powerful Tool that Empowers Patients

All your doctors, medical records and lab results are now at your fingertip!

How z-waka Works

You can access our services in the z-waka app or through our Messenger chatbot


Download app or open Messenger

Download the z-waka mobile app and install it on your mobile phone
Open our Facebook Messenger chatbot


Create an account

Create your account within 30 seconds by entering your mobile number and verifying the code you receive by SMS.


Add patient profile

Add patient profiles for yourself and your loved ones.


Find and connect with doctors

Find doctors by specialty or by name and check their services.


Use the z-waka services!

Start using the app by requesting tele-consultation and home visit service. Check your medical records and lab results in the z-waka app.

Receiving healthcare services has never been easier

z-waka is designed for the needs of people in developing countries


z-waka offers you a range of medical services on one single platform.

Always Available

z-waka is available anytime and anywhere. Your data is seamlessly available on all our channels, such as mobile app or Facebook Messenger

Maximum Security

We take your privacy serious. Our secure platform makes sure that no unauthorized person can get access to your data. You decide with whom you want to share your data.

Easy to Use

We use concepts familiar from social media, such as friend requests, instant messaging or video calls. Healthcare has never been easier.


Check out the range of services we offer on z-waka.

Medical Records

Never lose your medical records again
  • z-waka stores your medical records in the cloud
  • You can access your medical records anytime on the z-waka app
  • Share your medical records to trusted doctors


Receive consultation from your home
  • Follow up with your doctor
  • Find a specialist in the z-waka app
  • You can communicate with your doctor through messaging, voice or video call
  • The consultation fee will be deducted from your z-waka wallet

Home Visits

Invite a doctor to receive treatment at home
  • Select among doctors who are available for home visits
  • The doctor will visit your home and provide treatment
  • The doctor will instruct you on the usage of z-waka for follow-up consultations


Receive lab and imaging results directly in your app
  • Go to a lab or imaging center that your doctor referred you
  • Give them the email address that you received by SMS
  • Receive your lab and imaging results directly in your app


z-waka offers very affordable pricing for all your needs

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