HMUH and Z-waka Collaborate to Enhance Continuing Medical Education Programs in Vietnam

[Hanoi, Vietnam, 7th July 2023] – Hanoi Medical University Hospital (HMUH) and Z-waka Vietnam Co., Ltd. are excited to announce their strategic partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to revolutionize Continuing Medical Education (CME) in Vietnam. HMUH, a leading medical institution in Vietnam, will leverage Z-waka’s innovative online platform to train doctors and healthcare professionals (HCPs) across the country, facilitate knowledge sharing, and issue CME credit points.


Z-waka’s comprehensive platform offers a wide range of features designed to enhance the educational experience and professional collaborations of healthcare professionals. With features such as video posts, articles, live webinars, case sharing, analytics, and member management capabilities, Z-waka empowers HMUH to deliver engaging and comprehensive training programs to its doctors and HCPs throughout Vietnam.


Under the MOU, HMUH will have access to Z-waka’s platform to streamline its CME training programs, encourage doctors to share their medical cases, and foster collaboration among healthcare professionals. The platform’s advanced analytics capabilities will enable HMUH to track user engagement, gain valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve the learning experience for its doctors.


“We are excited to announce our partnership with HMUH, a renowned hospital in Vietnam, to transform Continuing Medical Education across multiple specialties,” announced Dr. Khine Pwint Nwe, Founder and CEO of Z-waka. “By providing HMUH access to our cutting-edge platform, we aim to support the hospital’s mission of enhancing professional qualifications and promoting knowledge exchange among doctors from various specialties. Together, we can empower healthcare professionals nationwide with valuable educational resources, ensuring inclusive and comprehensive training opportunities.”


Prof. Nguyen Lan Hieu, Director of HMUH,  expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We eagerly embrace Z-waka’s innovative platform to revolutionize Continuing Medical Education programs at HMUH. This partnership will enable us to provide comprehensive and engaging training programs to our doctors and healthcare professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the medical community. We believe this collaboration will greatly benefit healthcare professionals across different specialties and contribute to advancing the overall healthcare sector in Vietnam.”


About HMUH:

Hanoi Medical University Hospital (HMUH) is a leading medical institution in Vietnam. It aims to improve the professional qualifications of medical doctors and healthcare professionals, participate in scientific research, contribute to health education in the community, and foster international relations and integration. With a commitment to excellence, HMUH strives to provide quality healthcare services and contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.


About Z-waka:

Z-waka Vietnam Co., Ltd. is an innovative provider of an online platform designed to facilitate Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs. Z-waka enables healthcare professionals to expand their knowledge and skills while promoting collaboration and professional growth.

Z-waka Founder Selected to Forbes 30u30 Asia List

Z-waka’s Founder Dr. Khine Pwint Nwe was selected to the Forbes 30u30 Asia List in the category of Healthcare and Science. Find below the text on the Forbes page:


“Working at Myanmar’s Health Ministry, Khine Pwint Nwe recognized the need to digitize hospital records, which inspired her to found hospital-management cloud platform Z-Waka. Founded in 2020 as a teleconsultation service, Z-Waka manages more than 100,000 Myanmar patient profiles and up to $30,000 in monthly sales from around 100 pharmaceutical companies. With plans to expand regionally, Z-Waka claims to save doctors more than 18 hours a week of paperwork. It has secured $300,000 in seed funding and was accepted to the Accelerating Asia program in 2021.”


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Z-waka Joins Accelerating Asia’s Fifth Cohort

Accelerating Asia, an international accelerator VC for pre-Series A startups, has unveiled its fifth cohort, deepening its presence in the region and increasing the percentage of impact and ESG startups in the portfolio, per a press release.


Among the 550 applications for the fifth cohort, Z-waka was selected as one out of 9 startups. During the program, Z-waka increased its user base by more than 4 times.


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