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Join Z-waka, the leading digital platform empowering doctors across Southeast Asia with the tools and resources they need to advance their professional development. Connect with peers, access up-to-date medical education materials, and collaborate on complex medical cases. Currently serving Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.


We understand what doctors in developing countries need for their professional development


Z-waka is available as mobile and web application. Our user experience is as user-friendly as social media apps.


We display highly relevant CME content based on your speciality, interests and past interactions.


By providing a free platform, we empower doctors with the resources they need to advance their professional development.


Security and compliance are our top priorities. We verify every users and we take measures to protect  user data and ensure compliance.


CME Feed

Our CME Feed displays personalized and engaging content, such as scientific articles, journals, news, guideline updates and medical videos, doctor talks. Bite-sized content gives you the flexibility for self-paced learning.


Join webinars from different organizers all in one place and replay past webinars on demand.


Doctors can connect with other doctors and organizations, such as medical societies, hospitals, medical universities. Doctors can share medical cases with their peers for teaching and learning purposes.

Medical Case Capturing

Our integrated EMR module allows you to capture medical cases and share them with other doctors.


Assess your skills with training modules and tests conducted by recognized medical institutes.

Credit Points

Earn CME/CPD credit points by participating in programs conducted by recognized medical institutes.


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