z-waka is a powerful electronic medical platform that accompanies you anywhere you go


Patients now can easily reach out to specialists or follow up with their doctors by requesting a tele-consultation session by text, voice or video call.

Home Visits

Patients who prefer treatment at their home can book doctors who are available for home visits.

Medical Records

Doctors can write medical records for their patients, while patients can determine who gets access to their medical records.

Lab Results

Lab results will be directly sent to our system and can be viewed in the z-waka app by the patient and referring doctor.

Directory & Network

Doctors and patients who are registered at z-waka can be found on our system and added as trusted partners.


z-waka has a sophisticated wallet that deducts fees from the patient and credits the doctor's account.

HealthTech for Emerging Countries

z-waka launches in Myanmar

Developed countries suffer from legacy systems and extensive regulatory frameworks, which prevents wide adoption of innovative HealthTech solutions. We believe that developing countries are the ideal breeding ground for the next revolution. We are now rolling out z-waka in Myanmar. With a population of over 50 million people and a lack of legacy systems, there is no better place to test z-waka.

A Powerful Medical Platform at Your Fingertip

z-waka offers a seamless experience across multiple channels, such as website, mobile app and Messenger chatbot

Patients can set up an account within 30 seconds and start to use our services through Facebook Messenger or our app. Receiving healthcare has never been easier.

About z-waka

HealthTech for Emerging Markets

Who we Are

We are an Asia-based HealthTech company. Our team members are experienced in healthcare, adopting HealthTech solutions and in running profitable businesses.

What we Do

Our experience in the healthcare sector in developing countries made us see the challenges patients and doctors face everyday. Instead of tech people thinking of what doctors might need, we have tech-savvy doctors who develop the platform according to their own experience and needs.


We put together some of the most important questions you might have

z-waka can be accessed through mobile apps or through our chatbot on Facebook Messenger. However, due to security reasons, we only offer only a limited range of services on Messenger.

The z-waka app can be downloaded on Google Playstore. An iOS version will follow later.

Unfortunately, at this time, only an Android app is available. We will roll out an iOS app in a couple of months.

We take your data security and privacy very serious. We have implemented an extensive model for viewing rights. Only trusted persons can access your data. All data is stored with encryption on highly secured servers.

z-waka has a wallet from which you can pay for services. You can top up your wallet through multiple channels, such as credit cards, MPU, mobile wallets. Many doctors who use z-waka can sell your credit points as well.

We are currently launching z-waka in Myanmar and are planning to roll out our services in other developing markets soon.

The Founders

We have a mixed team with experience in business, the medical field and technology


Dr. Aung Thura
Chairman z-waka
Dr. Khine Pwint Nwe
CEO z-waka

Contact Us

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