PSI and Z-waka Vietnam Join Forces to Advance Continuous Medical Education in Vietnam

[HANOI, Oct 11th 2023]

PSI (Population Services International) Vietnam and Z-waka Vietnam are thrilled to unveil a strategic alliance. The two entities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), setting the stage for a transformative shift in Continuous Medical Education (CME) within Vietnam.

This groundbreaking MoU underscores both organizations’ dedication to deliver top-notch CME content to healthcare professionals, thereby enriching Vietnam’s healthcare sphere. A central goal of this alliance is to nurture continuous learning amongst medical practitioners. Together, PSI and Z-waka will offer the newest insights and skills, with a notable emphasis on O&G sexual and reproductive health.

About PSI
Since its inception in 2005, PSI Vietnam has been at the forefront of fostering healthier lives through a combination of social behavior change and health service delivery programs. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and insight-driven approaches, PSI has been instrumental in revolutionizing access to healthcare choices. The organization has been dedicated to placing the power of health choice directly into the hands of the people.

About Z-waka
Z-waka, a leading digital platform specializing in Continuous Medical Education (CME), is poised to redefine medical education in Vietnam. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Z-waka empowers healthcare professionals with convenient and comprehensive learning opportunities.

This collaboration marks a significant stride in Z-waka’s journey to uplift medical education standards across Vietnam.

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