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Medical associations, hospitals, and universities can efficiently train HCPs using our AI-enabled platform, tracking their progress, issuing certificates, and reducing administrative burdens by 90%.

100+ leading medical universities, medical associations and hospitals across Southeast Asia provide educational content on Z-waka

What is Z-waka?

Z-waka is an AI-enabled digital platform where hospitals, medical associations and medical universities can run effective training programs for their healthcare professionals. Our user-friendly tools enable seamless creation and management of training programs, webinars, and community building activities. Healthcare organizations can easily track progress, issue certificates, and foster collaboration among healthcare professionals.

How Our Platform Works

Z-waka is a two-sided platform that digitally connects healthcare organizations with their healthcare professionals (HCPs).

For HCPs, we offer mobile and web applications where they can connect, access educational content, and discuss medical cases.

Healthcare organizations can manage their members, run CME programs and issue certificates, provide educational resources, operate community channels, and analyze HCP engagement.


Our platform offers a robust suite of features designed to enhance the capacity of hospitals, medical associations, and universities in training their healthcare professionals. Explore the powerful tools that will help you train your healthcare professionals more effectively.

CME Programs

Run CME programs and monitor outcomes in your dashboard.

  • Design CME programs as a combination of videos, articles, webinars and assessments.
  • Run free or paid training programs.
  • Invite participants to join the program.
  • Easily track participation and assessment results.
  • Issue digital CME certificates and automatically send them by email.

Events and Webinars

Maximize HCP participation and post-event engagement through well-executed webinars.

  • Host public or private webinars.
  • Invite HCPs by uploading an email list.
  • Track individual attendance.
  • Immediately see the participation curve after the webinar.
  • Lead participants to additional content, such as your channels, posts, assessments.

Channels and Posts

Increase visibility and engagement by regularly posting diverse, bite-sized content on your channel.

  • Run public or private channels.
  • Invite HCPs to your channel by uploading an email list.
  • Post articles, images and videos.
  • Gain insights through polls and surveys.
  • Measure engagement metrics such as impressions, reach, views, and retention rates.
  • Audience breakdown by specialty, location, workplace, etc.

HCP Contact List and HCP Profiles

Track and manage HCP engagements within your contact list.

  • HCPs who subscribe to your channels, participate in your webinars, CME programs or send a message to your page appear in your HCP Contact List.
  • View detailed HCP profiles and engagement history.
  • Segment HCPs and use advanced search filters.

Personalized Engagement

Enhance engagement through personalized interactions based on HCP activity and segmentation.

  • Send customized notifications.
  • Email personalized content to HCPs.
  • Utilize in-app messaging for follow-ups.

Case Study Vietnam

Implementing Innovative CME Formats

In Vietnam large healthcare organizations (HCOs), such as medical associations, public hospitals and medical universities, are mandated by the Ministry of Health to conduct HCP training programs.

During COVID-19, long webinars have become the norm for online CME programs. However, webinars are not an ideal format for medical education due to their length, lack of interactivity and inflexible scheduling.

Over the past year, Z-waka has worked with policy makers, healthcare organizations and life sciences companies in Vietnam to adopt training programs that are more appropriate for the digital age. These programs are a combination of multiple bite-sized content, such as pre-event video-on-demand series, webinars and assessments. On top of the official CME program, we create post-event content, such as infographics, recap articles and videos and Q&A cuts that reinforce the key messages.

These new types of digital CME programs perfectly fit into the busy schedules of healthcare professionals. 90% of program participants state that they prefer mixed programs over pure webinars.

Our Success Story in Vietnam

Achieving country-wide coverage

Within one year, Z-waka has partnered with major medical universities, hospitals and medical associations. We have achieved a country-wide coverage.


Healthcare organizations


hours of training

Hear What Healthcare Organizations Say About Z-waka

Z-waka has helped hospitals, medical associations and medical universities across Southeast Asia to run effective training programs, track progress and issue CME certificates.

Thanks to Z-waka, I can conduct HCP training programs across Vietnam that I always wanted to do. Z-waka makes things much easier and cuts down our administrative burden

Prof. Nguyen Lan Hieu

Director, Hanoi Medical University Hospital

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Dozens of hospitals, medical associations and universities use the Z-waka platform to deliver training programs for their healthcare professionals. Z-waka is specifically designed with healthcare in mind.

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