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Z-waka is a digital HCP engagement platform that fits into your omni-channel strategy and allows to provide highly personalize content for HCPs and to measure their engagement

What is Z-waka?

Z-waka is a digital HCP engagement platform that empowers life sciences companies to connect with healthcare professionals in a compliant, safe and auditable way. Our comprehensive suite of tools seamlessly integrates into your omnichannel strategy, becoming an indispensable asset for marketing, medical affairs, and management teams. Your organization can enhance your brand visibility, foster meaningful HCP relationships, provide training resources and get insights at a fraction of the costs you normally use for physical interactions

How Our Platform Works

Z-waka is a two-sided platform that connects healthcare professionals with life sciences companies.

For HCPs, we offer mobile and web applications where they can connect, access educational content and discuss medical cases.

For our commercial clients in the life sciences industry, we offer a web application that allows them to provide educational resources for HCPs, analyze engagement and interact with targeted segments through multiple in-app and external channels.

Our Success Story in Vietnam

Achieving country-wide coverage

Within one year, Z-waka has partnered with major medical universities, hospitals and medical associations. We have achieved a country-wide coverage.


Healthcare organizations


hours of training

Case Study Vietnam

Implementing Innovative CME Formats

In Vietnam, life sciences companies typically work together with healthcare organizations (HCOs), such as medical associations, public hospitals and medical universities, to create HCP training programs.

During COVID-19, long webinars have become the norm for online CME programs. However, webinars are not an ideal format for medical education due to their length, lack of interactivity and inflexible scheduling.

Over the past year, Z-waka has worked with policy makers, healthcare organizations and life sciences companies in Vietnam to adopt training programs that are more appropriate for the digital age. These programs are a combination of multiple bite-sized content, such as pre-event video-on-demand series, webinars and assessments. On top of the official CME program, we create post-event content, such as infographics, recap articles and videos and Q&A cuts that reinforce the key messages.

These new types of digital CME programs perfectly fit into the busy schedules of healthcare professionals. 90% of program participants state that they prefer mixed programs over pure webinars.

How We Work With Clients

At Z-waka, we provide our commercial clients with cutting-edge solutions to their business and digital marketing challenges. By connecting them with our highly engaged healthcare professional audience, we drive significant audience engagement, participation, and conversion. Partner with us to enhance your reach and impact in the healthcare sector.


We share our experience how life sciences companies can implement their digital HCP engagement strategies and avoid pitfalls.


Find here the most frequently asked questions about our platform from our clients.

Z-waka is a platform that allows life sciences companies to provide educational resources to HCPs, measure engagement, conduct segmentations and run personalized interactions. On top of the platform, we offer our medcomms services to consult you and help your teams to create the most effective content that will maximize results.

We can offer our HCP engagement platform and medcomms services across markets. For production services, such as video shooting and live streaming, please contact us to check if we can offer the service in your country.

We don’t hand over our customers a platform, but deeply care about the results they achieve. Therefore, we have designed and incorporated a well-tested HCP engagement model into our platform. Working with dozens of clients and thousands of HCPs across various markets, we believe that only a digital HCP engagement platform can only be successful if it reflects the existing relationships and dynamics between HCPs, healthcare organizations and life sciences companies. On Z-waka, a medical association can run a CME program and share the results directly in the dashboard to the supporting life sciences company.

We believe that in-person engagement with HCPs, such as conferences, round-table discussions, and one-on-one meetings, is crucial. However, HCPs’ busy schedules often limit the time available for physical interactions. Z-waka expands your toolkit with diverse digital engagement channels, allowing you to fine-tune your HCP engagement strategy. You can decide which HCPs to meet in person and how often, while increasing the frequency of digital interactions with others, ensuring comprehensive and flexible engagement.

While Z-waka collaborates with healthcare organizations and has onboarded HCPs across various therapeutic areas and countries, we may not always cover the specific audience you need. However, our platform has proven to be multiple times more effective in engaging HCPs compared to traditional websites or webinars, resulting in a higher ROI. Our tested HCP engagement model incorporates the triangle between HCPs, healthcare organizations, and life sciences companies, and this model is embedded in our platform’s workflow. Additionally, our experienced medcomms team can help create and implement projects to achieve maximum reach and engagement, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience.

While non-CME programs on Z-waka are still educational in nature, they don’t lead to any officially recognized CME/CPD points and are thus less stringent in requirements. CME programs on the other hand can only be conducted by approved organizations in each country or market. These are typically medical associations, public hospitals or universities. Each country sets its own rules regarding the requirements for a CME program. Contingent to the country’s regulations, Z-waka offers to combine video-on-demand series, webinars and post-program assessments into a program. We directly display the participation and test results to the organizing HCO.

Yes, we have successfully implemented many projects for our commercial clients. Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot publicly share the projects with you. Please contact us if you would like us to show you some case studies.

Webinars are just one of the many ways how life sciences companies can engage with HCPs. Used in the right way, webinars can be highly effective. However, webinars are often misused and due to their length, HCPs quickly lose interest and stop engaging mid-program. In addition, webinars are transactional in nature, meaning that they don’t lead to more engagement or conversion after completion. Z-waka allows our clients to engage with multiple formats, such as channels, video-on-demand, infographics, quizzes, assessments, e-detailing materials, articles, guidelines, community fora, in-app messaging, and of course webinars. We convert webinar participants to start to follow other contents in your channels.

Z-waka offers several distinct advantages over a standalone pharma website. Studies show that HCPs prefer neutral platforms and channels operated by healthcare organizations over pharma websites. Z-waka provides a neutral platform where healthcare organizations can run their own channels, fostering greater trust and engagement. Additionally, similar to how hotels on Booking.com receive more visibility than those relying solely on their websites, Z-waka enhances your reach by offering a proven engagement model that is 10 times more effective. Our experienced Medcomms team further ensures your content achieves maximum impact and engagement.

Z-waka Corporate News

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Z-waka and Vietnam Society of Sleep Medicine sign memorandum of Understanding to enhance Sleep Medicine Education in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – May 16, 2024 Z-waka, a leading online medical education platform, and the Vietnam Society of Sleep Medicine (VSSM), represented by Professor Duong Quy Sy, President of VSSM, Former President of the Federation of Southeast…
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Partnership between E-hospital and Z-waka Vietnam for Continuous Medical Education Program development in Vietnam

On April 03, 2024, E Hospital and Z-waka Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Z-waka) signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the Continuous Medical Education Program in Vietnam, aiming for a new era of innovative, accessible, and effective healthcare education. E Hospital…
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Z-waka Closes Pre-seed Round

Z-waka closes its pre-seed round with VC fund Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs (EME) as the lead investor. The round will support Z-waka’s product development and international expansion to other markets across Southeast Asia. Z-waka will conduct in the coming months market research and…
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