Cooperation Agreement between Z-waka and Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine

Announcement of Cooperation between Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine (VIAM), affiliated with the Vietnam Medical Association (VMA), and Z-waka: Advancing Continuing Medical Education in Vietnam Towards a New Era!
[Hanoi, Vietnam, 09 December, 2024]

We are delighted to announce a significant collaboration between the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine (VIAM), affiliated with the Vietnam Medical Association (VMA), and Z-waka Vietnam Company Limited (Z-waka) in the development of Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs in Vietnam.

VIAM brings together experts and scientists with professional qualifications and dedication to research, application, consultation, and implementation of scientific and technological services, as well as international cooperation in the field of medicine and health. VIAM also focuses on training to improve professional qualifications and disseminating knowledge in the field of medicine, adhering to the motto of applying medicine for the health of the Vietnamese people.

This collaboration aims to create a new, interactive, engaging, and convenient learning environment, enhancing the medical knowledge of the entire Vietnamese medical community. Z-waka’s advanced platform offers diverse features, including video posting, article sharing, and organizing online seminars, fostering easy interaction, learning, and experience sharing among students. Through this partnership, we aspire to provide the medical community with a rich and diverse source of knowledge.

Our shared vision is clear: to provide doctors and healthcare workers with the best learning tools and resources, ensuring that every healthcare professional has convenient and enjoyable access to these materials.

We believe that developing medical education involves more than just imparting knowledge; it also encompasses audience accessibility, engagement, and the practical relevance of training content. By combining expertise with innovation, we are opening up new horizons in medical education.

This cooperation marks a major milestone in medical development in Vietnam. We warmly welcome the enthusiastic participation of doctors, medical staff, and all colleagues in supporting us on this journey!

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