An AI-Driven HCP Engagement Platform

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow


Our platform offers a robust suite of features designed to enhance engagement and streamline operations for life sciences companies. Explore the powerful tools that will help you connect with healthcare professionals more effectively.

Team Dashboard

During onboarding, Z-waka sets up a customized team dashboard and provides comprehensive training on platform usage.

  • Multiple team dashboards reflecting internal structure (BU, squads, TA).
  • Role-based access for team members.
  • Improved data safety through compartmentalized access.
  • Subscription-based module availability.

Channels and Posts

Increase visibility and engagement by regularly posting diverse, bite-sized content on your channel.

  • Run public or private channels.
  • Invite HCPs to your channel by uploading an email list.
  • Post articles, images and videos.
  • Gain insights through polls and surveys.
  • Measure engagement metrics such as impressions, reach, views, and retention rates.
  • Audience breakdown by specialty, location, workplace, etc.

Events and Webinars

Maximize HCP participation and post-event engagement through well-executed webinars.

  • Host public or private webinars.
  • Invite HCPs by uploading an email list.
  • Use customized consent forms.
  • Track individual attendance.
  • Immediately see the participation curve after the webinar.
  • Lead participants to additional content, such as your channels, detailing materials or website.

CME Programs and Data Sharing

Support accredited HCOs to run CME programs and monitor outcomes in your dashboard.

  • CME Programs can be a composition of videos, webinars and assessments
  • Collaborate with organizing HCOs and track program results.

HCP Contact List and HCP Profiles

Track and manage HCP engagements within your contact list.

  • HCPs who subscribe to your channels, participate in your webinars, CME programs that you support or send a message to your page appear in your HCP Contact List.
  • View detailed HCP profiles and engagement history.
  • Map HCPs in your Contact List with your CRM.
  • Segment HCPs and use advanced search filters.

Personalized Engagement

Enhance engagement through personalized interactions based on HCP activity and segmentation.

  • Send customized notifications.
  • Email personalized content to HCPs.
  • Utilize in-app messaging for follow-ups.

E-detailing and Call-to-action Buttons

Direct HCPs to product information using strategic call-to-action buttons.

  • Upload and share product details, brochures, and videos.
  • Place CTA buttons below your webinars and posts and lead HCPs to your product information or website.
  • Track click-through rates.

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How Content Reaches HCPs

Z-waka is designed to seamlessly integrate with established collaborations and workflows between healthcare organizations (HCOs) and life sciences companies. We support both CME programs and non-accredited educational content.

A Solution for Multiple Teams

Z-waka enables medical, marketing, and sales teams to collaborate effectively towards achieving a common goal.

HCP Journey

We are not just offering an HCP engagement platform; we have designed the entire HCP journey for you, from onboarding to segmentation and detailed engagement. Follow our step-by-step guide to maximize your HCP engagement on the Z-waka platform.

Z-waka implements a tested HCP journey that enhances both onboarding and retention.