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Z-waka is a free digital platform for the capacity building of healthcare professionals. Here, you can learn, connect with other professionals and share your experience.

Why Z-waka?

In the dynamic world of healthcare, Z-waka ensures you stay ahead of the curve. Our platform connects you with a vast network of medical professionals and offers opportunities to take courses, earn certifications, join webinars, and explore an extensive digital library. Embrace the future of healthcare with Z-waka.

100+ leading medical universities, medical associations and hospitals across Southeast Asia provide educational content on Z-waka

Our Success Story in Vietnam

Achieving country-wide coverage

Within one year, Z-waka has partnered with major medical universities, hospitals and medical associations. We have achieved a country-wide coverage.


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HCPs across Southeast Asia use Z-waka to learn, receive credit points and connect with their peers. Join our rapidly growing community of HCPs.

The ability to access high-quality, specialized education at my convenience has revolutionized the way I approach patient care. Z-waka’s CME platform is an indispensable tool, directly contributing to improved patient outcomes and elevating the standard of care I provide.

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Anh

Internal Medicine

Doctors in my department have established a CME group on Z-waka. This ensures that we stay informed and don’t miss any crucial CME programs offered by Z-waka.
Dr. Phung Minh Van
Specialist level 1 ICU EMu003cbru003eNow working as GP
This knowledge has proven especially beneficial in handling anaphylactic patients, instilling in me the confidence to effectively manage cases of anaphylactic shock.
Dr. Vu Van Hung
General Doctor
Previously, when confronted with anaphylaxis, I used to feel shaken and confused. However, thanks to the training, I can now handle such situations calmly and with confidence.
Dr. Nguyen Vo Hai Dang
Respiratory Specialist

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